Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Where I'm From

I am from
a crazy
 and comforting family

I am from
a dad
who is sarcastic
but also loving
and hardworking
Who takes my family
on awesome trips
Who grills
the best steak ever
The steak tastes
like the perfect mix
of seasoning and barbeque
Who plays
corn hole
and many more games with my family
and I.
He is the best

I am from
a mom
who is crazy
and also determined
to give my sister
and I
the best life
Who cooks every night
Who works long hours
Who plans awesome vacations
for our family
She is amazing

I am from 
a sister
who is unique
and doesn’t follow
the path of others
Who is a very
descriptive writer
Who plays the ukulele
and the xylophone
She is a maverick

I am from
a dog
who is very fluffy
and soft
Who has bad
separation anxiety
so he’s sad when people leave
Who loves to cuddle
and play outside
He is my favorite dog

I am from
 a great family
Even though
we can be dysfunctional
at times
I still love them unconditionally

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