Friday, September 29, 2017


I grab my bag and go out the door. I turn to lock my apartment door when I hear a noise. I turn around slowly and see a person on the staircase reading what looked like a letter. I start to tiptoe down the stairs quietly and the stranger still didn’t move. I soon was shoulder to shoulder with person. The stranger turns toward me and stares straight into my soul.
            “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” the person screamed and dashes down the stairs.
            “Well that was weird,” I say to myself. As I am starting down the stairs I realize I forgot my keys. As I am going back up the stairs, I feel like someone is watching me. I look all around me and see nobody. I go back into my apartment and everything is a mess. “What the heck!” I say out loud. Papers were scattered all over the hardwood floor, my freshly made bed was now rumpled up on the floor, and all of my cupboards open. I get to the bathroom and I see writing on the mirror. It looks blood was used to write this, but it didn’t smell like blood. It didn’t smell like anything at all. At this point I’m freaking out. I usually don’t get scared but this is different. The message on the mirror said, “BE PREPARED.”
            “I need to leave and tell someone,” I murmur to myself. I rush out the door and race to my car. This is a weird situation.
            “Hey, I thought you weren’t supposed to be here until later?” Mia says as she switches channels on the TV. Mia has been my friend since elementary school and we have been through everything together.
            “Sorry I should’ve let you know I was coming but I am freaking out!” I reply.
            “About what? Tell me everything.” She says.
I tell her everything up until this point.
            “Why would someone do that? I wonder why that lady screamed?” Mia asks rapidly.
            “If I knew I wouldn’t be over here so early,” I reply, laughing.
            “I was just thinking out loud!” Mia says defensively.
            “Ok, let’s not talk about it anymore.”
When I finally got home, I opened the door to see my house spotless. “What? Well at least whoever made the mess, cleaned it up,” I said to myself. The tile floor in the kitchen was spotless, my bed made again and the papers in a nice pile on the counter . When I got to the bathroom, there was no writing on the mirror and everything was cleaned up. Did I just imagine this whole thing?
            Later, as I am getting ready for bed, I hear a loud crash. I run into the kitchen and see my shattered vase on the tile floor.  Suddenly, the air in my apartment turns cold and the lights start to flicker. This is definitely creepy. I hear footsteps outside my door. I rush to the door and open it. The lights are flickering and I don’t see anything. Why can’t I just figure this out? I shut the door slowly to see if anything comes out of the shadows, but nothing did. I turn back around and head towards my bedroom. As I lay in my nice, soft bed, I try to piece together everything that has happened today. As I keep thinking and thinking, I finally drift off to sleep.
            As my eyes flutter open, I see a faint light. I turn over to look and I see my phone’s flashlight on. “That’s really weird. I didn’t turn it on when I went to bed,” I think to myself. At that moment, I see something glinting out of the corner of my eye. I turn slowly and see that it’s a knife. I am frozen. I can’t move my body.
“Come with me, or else,” I hear the stranger say. I try so hard to move my arms and legs and finally, they budge. The person grabs me. Their grip was hard and their finger nails were digging into my arm. Finally, we get to my pitch black kitchen.  The figure turns on the lights and people jump out and yell, “SURPRISE!”
 I turn to look at the figure that grabbed my arm and it was my best friend Mia.
“Mia what the heck! This was probably the worst way to have a surprise birthday party for me!” I say to her.
“Well you should have seen your face! It was priceless!” she replies back.
“I just have one question. Why did that lady scream when she looked at me?”
“She wasn’t looking at you, she was looking at me and I was wearing a creepy clown costume so then no one would be around when I was in your apartment.”
“Wow, well you did a good job scaring me and planning this.”
“Yea! It was great! Now go enjoy your party!”
“Ok Mia, I will!”


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