Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Online Writing Exchange Reflection

            The 2017 online writing exchange was really fun because it really helped me become a better and stronger writer. This exchange helped me explain my ideas in greater detail and organize them. It also helped me get better grades because another set of eyes were looking at my writing. The feedback that was most helpful was about adding more detail/ describing things better and adding figurative language into my writing. I really liked how I got to meet my college student in person so then I got to know her better and felt more comfortable with her seeing my writing. I also really liked how my college student didn’t just criticize me. She would tell me things I should fix and then she would tell me things that I did really well.

            There are a few things that would make the the online writing exchange better would be that if we misspell a word, then our mentor will tell us or if we need punctuation in the correct spot. Another thing is that I would like if our college student would answer all of our questions in the author’s note. Overall, the 2017 online writing exchange was really fun and it helped me grow as a writer!

A Special Place

Last summer in Ferguson, Missouri I learned to always help people in need, don’t judge others, and to always have hope. I met so many nice people, heard so many great stories and lessons, and saw amazing things that life has to offer. The whole trip was a life changing experience and made me look at life a different way.
            Ferguson is a city just outside of St. Louis and my youth group went there for a mission trip. Our youth group chose Ferguson because there was so much we could do to help out there. Our first day there we went to a shelter called PAKT which helps people in hard times and helps with after school programs. I was really happy that I got to help out people in need. When we first got there, it was a kind of messy, but by the time we left, it was super clean. Some of the jobs we had were organizing the storage room, pulling weeds, and helping put things together for their after school program. Then two days later we went to a farm that was in the middle of Ferguson. It was really hot but it was good to help them plant all kinds of produce and pull weeds. At the farm they have fresh produce to take to a farmer’s market, and they provide jobs for kids who are helping support their families.
            Also while we were there we went to go see the memorial where Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer. It was pretty sad to see it because when he was shot, it caused all sorts of riots. Buildings were burned down, car windows were smashed, and so many more things. A pretty cool thing that happened after the riots calmed down was that people decided to take things into their own hands. Most of the windows on the buildings had boards over them. Since a lot of people wanted to spread peace, they decided to paint colorful paintings on the boarded windows saying things like, “Stay Strong Ferguson” and “One Love.” It was amazing to see these kinds of things because it proves that people can come together and make something really cool.  The paintings helped me not judge other people so much because those people came together and made peace with one another.
            One of the last days we were there we went to a diverse Methodist church. It was a whole new experience for all of us, but one person stood out to me. I don’t remember her name, but during the service she would run around the church and would say things like, “Amen!” and “Praise Jesus!” I was a little confused at first but then I got used to it. After the service, our group found her and started asking her why she was doing that. I will never forget what she told us.
            “Well I have every reason to. I was hit by two cars. I could just feel the tires going over my head. I was sent to the emergency room at the hospital and I had already lost so much blood. I had hope through everything that had happened and God saved me and that’s my way of praising Him.”

            After that trip, I started living a lot differently.  I learned so many things on that trip, but these three things stick out the most. When people ask for help, I do whatever they need me to do. I also try not to judge others as much as I used to. Finally, I always have hope no matter what is happening.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Mrs. Morten

            Mrs. Morten was my leadership teacher last year when I was a seventh grader. She is happy and positive all of the time like a ray of sunshine. Most of the time she steps outside of her comfort zone and does a lot of different things. These are just a couple of reasons why I look up to her.
            Mrs. Morten is about medium height and she has short, blonde hair. Her eyes are a bright blue and she is fairly tan. Her smile is radiant and her teeth are bright white. She usually wears nice clothing but on Friday’s she wears an O’Neill shirt and blue jeans. In class, she is full of energy, even though it was almost the end of the day.
            She is always full of joy, because every day she would meet us out in the hallway before we came into the classroom and say hello or ask us how our day was going. Even though she wanted to teach social studies, she stepped outside of her comfort zone by teaching this leadership class. Lastly, she is always setting goals for herself. If she wants something, then she goes and gets it. It doesn’t matter to her what other people think of what she is doing; she just goes for it.
            A few days during her class, we made dream boards. She told us this would help us to follow our dreams and reach our goals. We spent a whole week working on this and I thought it was fun. I had dreams for myself, but I never had enough motivation to reach them.  That changed when I was in her leadership class. She told us that if we want something, act like it has already happen. If you put positive vibes out into the universe, it will eventually come back to you.

            Mrs. Morten has been a great influence and has changed the way I look at life. I used to look at life as just going through the motions but now I look as life as a chance to help change the world and live my life as much as I can. She has had a positive influence on me because she has told me that if you want something, go get it and you should take risks because even if you fail, that means you’re trying and something good could come out of it!

Online Writing Exchange Reflection

            The 2017 online writing exchange was really fun because it really helped me become a better and stronger writer. This exchange ...